Self-Love and Intimacy




Self -Love and IntimacyA Guide to Conscious Relationships

The famous adage “The eyes are the windows to the soul” is more than just a lovely metaphor. It’s the principle behind behavioral iridology (BI), which assesses personality types, social attributes, and romantic attraction based on iris patterns. Everyone’s iris type is classified in one of two ways: the “thinking type” or the “emotional type.” In BI studies, the astonishing revelation is that 85 percent of married couples have opposing iris patterns.

Opposites are known to attract, but what happens when those differences eventually cause relationship issues rather than intimacy? Jim Verghis, BI, founder of the Institute of Behavioral Iridology, applies this method and explores its effect on long-term relationships. In addition to revealing the nature of attraction, he delves into key elements of maintaining a healthy and loving relationship: personal responsibility, communication, and self-love.

Learn to be more aware and respectful of yourself and your partner. Discover the importance of honest communication and effectively voicing your needs. Recognize the foundation and practices of accepting who you are. Filled with numerous strategies and tools, Behavioral Iridology teaches you and your partner to break destructive patterns and look inside yourselves for lasting, meaningful relationship solutions.