How Can Behavioral Iridology Help You?

Do you have a nagging acute or chronic condition that needs healing? Have you tried many types of alternative or allopathic therapies, but not achieved the results you wanted? Behavioral Iridology, in its unique approach, will inform while offering products and services that address most physical and behavioral conditions. Because we treat the whole person, those missing pieces are identified and addressed; several aspects of your life will improve, not just the aliment. Behavioral Iridology offers explanations from multiple perspectives as to why physical injuries, illness, disease patterns including relationship difficulties are happening in your life today. Our assessments apply to both physical and psychological conditions. Our methodologies in the treatment of Illness, injuries and disease patterns include:

Physical Conditions:

  • Dietary suggestions and nutritional health consulting.
  • Evaluation of current remedies being taken.
  • Correlate behavioral and personality attributes and your iris pattern to the physical condition.
  • Identify and chart patterns from your family lineage contributing to your condition.
  • Offer guidance and support to implement new strategies for healing.

Psychological Conditions:

  • Reveal how major events in your life are connected to your lessons.
  • Understand the influences coming from your family lineage on your personality, relationships and career.
  • Embrace your gifts and learn to face your challenges with new tools and strategies.
  • Learn how to empower yourself in personal relationships.
  • At the core of personal empowerment is self-love. Learn to nourish yourself first and your desire to serve will be with new-found compassion.

Disclaimer: we do not diagnose or treat any conditions or disease’s. Please consult with a licensed medical professional for diagnosis and treatment of any condition or disease.

Claimer: we assess and evaluate an entire individual from physical body symptoms to their personality type, including past genetic and family histories; the foundation of your core nature. We assist you in being more authentically yourself with a good diet, improved self-image, courage and passion to realize your goals.