What does a Behavioral Iridology consultation cover/address?


Are you stuck somewhere in life? Is there something you want, but you can’t seem to attain or retain it? Important questions deserve deep and powerful answers — a consultation will give you specific information, offer tools and strategies to surmount challenges, and manifest your true desires!

How a consultation works:

  • Obtain high quality iris images
  • Intake, including identifying questions or goals important to you and the direction of your life
  • List significant accidents or events from birth to today
  • Identify your core personality type
  • Elaborate on your specific type
  • Identify your life lessons based on iris positions
  • See how right and left-brain dominance have affected your overall personality and relationships
  • Explain how your physical conditions and present-day challenges are related to information gleaned from the previous 4 levels
  • Understand your intimate relationship dynamic when we put it all together

A consultation will piece together the major events in your life including your health history helping you understand WHY you are the way you are. All major (and minor), events in your life happen due to multiple factors contributing to the event. These “factors” come from two worlds, your physiology, and your psychology. Behavioral Iridology identifies the psychology contributing to your health and well-being. Yes, your body health is the result of your past generations DNA influences, life style, nutrition and your mental and emotional levels of well-being.

A full consultation involves identifying and charting the relationships between you and your parents as well as your parents’ relationship with their parents — your grandparents. When the information is available your grandparents’ relationship to their parents, your great grandparents, will confirm and validate the information to support our understanding of your present condition.

Signing up for a full consultation will give us access to your grandparents’ history, deepening our time together. We send you the Pre-Consultation Preview to know the types of information we are looking for when charting the family tree. Bringing the ancestral patterns into a consultation will profoundly affect you at the core of your being. Put on or take off your seat belt and above all, we will enjoy the ride!

If you choose to have a consultation come prepared with a question(s). We can address the most common areas in life, health, money, career, relationships and don’t forget the bizarre and unusual. All questions are fair game. Behavioral Iridology can address any condition on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level; all four if needed.

All sessions are digitally recorded. A consultation is the story of your life put together in a sequential format for greater clarity and understanding of why you are the way you are. I have many clients who years later continue to listen to their session, helping them through the tough times.

One of greatest benefits of a consultation is the ability to identify habitual family patterns and through your awareness make better decisions every day in the present moment, thereby changing the direction of your life by making decisions that support your self-love and well-being. These choices will affect the foods you chose to eat, the people you work with, and the people with whom you socialize including the one(s) you sleep with.

Behavioral Iridology is one of the most profound personally profiling systems on the planet today. No one will have known you so personally in such a short period of time!

Soon after your individual, couples or family session listen to it again and take notes. There are many ways to do follow up work. I would be happy to discuss with you a plan to address where you would like help and support. We will create a plan together when the options are presented, I allow up to 20 minutes free of charge for creating a treatment plan.

Except in Business’s follow up session work, cost after the initial session is anywhere between 20%-35% less depending on the type of work and the number of sessions we plan for.

Consultations are done over Skype or similar application with video.


Pricing below is for initial consultations only. All consultations are recorded and emailed in an mp3 format. Only the 10-minute consultation is NOT interactive.


  • 10 Minute Recorded: $50
  • 1 hour : $275
  • Full 1.5 hour with family tree assessment: $395

Couples Consultation:

The first portion of couples’ work is spent looking at the parents’ iris patterns to know each of you individually. Knowing this, couples work is clear concise and to the point. Everything in relationships and (life as well) is a co-creation.  When a couple is having difficulties, it is because the opposite polarities that brought you together are stirring each of you up without adequate resolution. In our first session, those polarities and associated behaviors are identified and explained. Each of you will learn about aspects of your partner previously hidden. Homework is given after the session.  Couples can then decide if they want to pursue further session work. As always, supporting each partner to know what they feel and what they truly need along with healthy communication will break the patterns of power struggles or power over.

* If neither partner has had a personal consultation then choose the 1.5 hour or 2-hour session.

  • 1 hour: $ 300
  • *1.5 hour: $425
  • 2 hours: $550

Family Consultation:

Iris images of all family members are needed. In a family consultation, we look at each married partner first. When a couple is having unresolved difficulties, they affect the entire family. Each child is different based on their iris patterns and largely influenced by their other siblings. First-born children fall into a category of their own. I work with a system identifying very specific qualities of all your children, 12 polarity types in all. Each child is different with specific needs including parenting strategies’ that work. From birth through the teenage years, Behavioral Iridology will meet each child where they are, offering insights and support with parents to make needed changes. Like getting an owner’s manual to your child, each one is supported to be who they are, not what parents want them to be. When honored and supported in their youth they will grow up to be authentic, real, and more successful as they mature.

  • 1 hour: $350
  • 2 hours: $600


Behavioral Iridology has several applications in business. All business contracts are created on an as-needed basis. Contact us using the form below.

Team-Building — the eyes are powerful tools to instantly identifying co-workers’ team member’s personality types, communication styles and why some work and some struggle or just avoid each other.  Understanding your co-workers, and they you, will lessen the friction and pave the way for greater efficiency and productivity.

Leadership — for upper management, get to the point of how the anxieties you experience are affecting your performance — the ones no one knows about. Gain deep insights from perspectives you have not considered on how to lighten your inner load while increasing your corporate effectiveness.

Human Recourses — Behavioral Iridology is one of the most profound personally profiling systems on the planet today. Take our training courses to assess and know your person quicker than any personality test available today. Use our input to upgrade your present evaluation methods by adding Behavioral Iridology to your existing evaluation methods.

Consulting — Get outside the box and quickly assess problems and challenges hurting your business from a fresh perspective. When employees and team members cooperate, and synergize projects are completed with greater efficiency lowering costs and increasing your bottom line.

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