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Jim Jim VerghisJim Verghis, BI. has been a national and international educator for over thirty years. In 2001, he founded The Institute of Behavioral Iridology, where he teaches and certifies practitioners of this comprehensive, personally empowering methodology. Jim is a regular speaker and panelist at conferences; most recently, he spoke at the 2017 International Iridology Practitioners’ Association annual conference.
Jim has an amazing gift of piecing together seemingly-unrelated events and patterns in your family history and iris patterns, bringing the pieces together to tell the story of your life. Understanding the main factors that create your present-day condition can allow you to change the course of your life by showing you how to make better, healthier choices that support and nourish your well-being—and your healing!

Jim has examined thousands of eyes over past three decades, giving him amazing insight into the complexities, levels, and layers of the human psyche. The more specifically any illness or disease can be assessed, the more detailed the approach to resolve it. This, in turn, leads to greater results. Knowledge is power—and the healthy use of power brings lasting, uplifting results.

A necessity to heal his own body originated from a near-death experience at the age of twenty-two. Conventional medicine had no protocols to ward off the inevitable degenerating arthritis resulting from his accident; so, in 1979, Jim began his search into ways to heal himself naturally. He has experimented with numerous alternative therapies since 1980, finding that most were nothing more than band-aids, with little lasting effect…and some were quite damaging, leaving him worse off than before.

Jim has been his own guinea pig over the years, taking these therapies to the extremes to see what would work for him in the long term. Over the past ten years, Jim has been dedicated to healing his own pain—not just physically, but spiritually and psychologically, as well. Jim has studied under four amazing teachers, including six years in a clinical setting, and brings more than thirty years of support and education to his clients to help them attain their goals. Today, his focus is empowering his clients in relationship to heal with their partner.

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Jim in his other office

As a zealot of personal transformation and with seven planets in the 7th house of relationships, along with two planets in the 8th house of soul transformation, Jim has put the two worlds together. He has recently published his second book: Self-Love and Intimacy: A Guide to Conscious Relationships. Intimate relationships and the skills necessary to develop and sustain a great one are a world unto themselves. Heck, if you are going to work your butt off to achieve a personal transformation, why not do it with the one you love? The results—and the celebrations—are well worth the effort!

Jim’s first book Behavioral Iridology: Personality Assessment through the Eyes was self-published in 2006. (His other passion is the great outdoors and fly-fishing. They are probably tied for first…)