Beyond Just Babies

What Is It?

Beyond Just Babies is a full-service company assisting couples wanting to conceive and birth a child.

How It Works

Beyond Just Babies uses the team approach of collaboration with highly respected local  professionals in their field, to ensure the conception and  birth of a child.

The Team

Chiropractic Doctor(s) – regular adjustments powerfully complement the work from our naturopath and acupuncturist, keeping your body in balance.

Naturopathic Doctor(s) – treats the body’s physiology. Includes blood work, hormonal balance, cleansing and building.

Acupuncture (s) – balances nervous system, creates body harmony supporting fertility.

Jim Verghis – Behavioral Iridologist – Family History Specialist – works with the psychology in relationship to the family history dynamics including past generations effecting health and motherhood. Offers couples counseling support, therapies, muscle testing, monitors progress, and is the team coordinator.

Doula(s)  – guidance and coaching during pregnancy assisting in natural birth, if desired.

What Makes Us Different

  • Full service company with every professional you need, from conception through birth
  • Pair clients with our specialists, based on personality types
  • All natural therapies and medicines
  • Professional collaborative approach
  • Couples relationship support
  • Options for conscious conception
  • Provide ongoing treatments during pregnancy
  • Doula support during pregnancy and birthing
  • Couples relationship support during their pregnancy and after birth.
  • Provide an “Owner’s Manual” for the newborn
  • Results Driven Promise get up to 90% of your investment back if you do not conceive.
  • Free Consultation; meet and greet to test the fit

Why It’s a Good Investment

Guaranteed Results

Not just a baby, but lifestyle and relationship up-leveling

Taken from: AMA Journal of Ethics – Policy Forum Dec 2018

The Reality of Infertility

Infertility, a broad disease state that encompasses the inability to achieve a viable pregnancy within 1 year of attempting to conceive,3 is a condition affecting millions of patients in the United States. A recent survey found that, in the United States, 12% of women aged 15 to 44, or 7.3 million women, have used infertility services.4 The same survey reported that 12.1% of women have impaired fecundity (the ability to conceive biologic offspring), and 6.7% of married women are infertile.4, 5 Among men in that age group, the rate of infertility is 9.4%, with 15.8% of married men aged 25 to 44 classified as infertile or subfertile.6

There are myriad causes of infertility. In women, these causes include tubal abnormalities, ovulatory dysfunction, premature ovarian insufficiency, and uterine factors such as fibroids or congenital uterine anomalies.7 In men, they include factors such as decreased sperm count or motility and abnormal morphology.8 And, in both sexes, idiopathic infertility and impaired fertility are the result of treatment of malignancies.7, 8

Infertility affects people in a wide variety of ways and can have significant detrimental effects on quality of life. For example, approximately 40% of infertile women suffer from anxiety and depression, about twice the rate seen in fertile women.9 One study of 488 American women found that infertile women had rates of anxiety or depression equivalent to those of patients diagnosed with cancer, hypertension, myocardial infarction, or HIV.10

Another Fact: About 1 in 5 (19%) are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying…

Curious about the success rates of invitro fertilization, overall, for women starting IVF, 33% have a baby as a result of their first cycle, increasing to 54-77% by the eighth cycle. Our research, published today, reports the probability of IVF success from a patient’s perspective after repeated cycles, rather than how it is usually reported, for each cycle. Jul 23, 2017

Clearly infertility is not just physical but can have devastating effects on mental health, with over 35 years of qualitative research, Jim Verghis founder of  Behavioral Iridology (personality from the eyes and genealogist), has shown one consistent trans-generational trait in every case of infertility. Loss. The loss of children either from miscarriage, still birth or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). There has never been a case study where a woman trying to conceive a child did not have loss in the family lineage. Shocking. Jim’s work correlates physical conditions, illness and disease to the psychosomatic patterns handed down generation to generation.

Announcing a new paradigm leading the way helping couples birth a child. Beyond Just Babies. Beyond Just Babies is unique in several profound ways, with their most outrageous claim, their Results Driven Promise*. It has several angles but most importantly there is a onetime fee to enroll in the program and if a woman does not conceive within 6-8 months 90% of your investment is refunded! The one time fee covers all therapies counseling, herbs and natural medicines and remedies for 16 months or so. Programs center around the treatments from Naturopathic Doctors, Doctors of Oriental, Medicine (acupuncture), Doctors of Chiropractic, Therapeutic Bodywork, a personally assigned Doula, Counseling for couples and individual session work to overcome fears, anxiety, and anything in the way of conception. Adding the psychosomatic aspect to healing allows us to claim a truly holistic approach to solving infertility allowing for a natural childbirth.


What Makes Us Different And Awesome

We use a synergistic  business approach incorporating functional medicine, to raise the bar in the fertility industry, with innovative therapies and technologies based in science and in alignment with natural laws.

We look beyond the symptoms to understand the whole person, state of mind, and everything about them. We do the same with their partner believing that child birth is a co-creation between a man and a woman, not someone’s fault. We treat the body and health as we treat the family patterns for greater results. Why we can promise results.

  • Collaborative Team Approach; your therapists meet every 2 weeks for progress reports and brainstorming on your case.
  • Our clients are vetted, money alone will not produce a child. We provide a free 1 hour consultation to test the fit. Our clients are personally engaged in healing themselves to prepare for a child.
  • Individually designed healing protocols engaging both partners, where necessary.
  • Clients are paired with professional fertility doctors based on compatible iris structures, especially your Doula, creating virtually instant rapport and trust in your providers.
  • All-inclusive treatment plan for one price. 16 months of full coverage or more includes all session work, herbs, natural medicines, blood tests, therapies. 100% natural therapeutics, herbs and medicines are all included.
  • Therapeutics we use: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathic Doctor, Doula, Therapeutic body work, breathwork, Beemer, sound bath healing, Reiki, Colon Hydro Therapy, Counseling, Family History Assessment, Coaching, Couples Support, and whatever other natural therapies are needed.
  • Upon the birth of your child you get an “Owner’s Manual” for your child based on gender and iris structure. Your Owner’s Manual outlines the personality type and parenting strategies to support maximizing the potential of your child.
  • Your contract for services completes 14 days after birth.
  • Additional services are available.
  • Results Driven Promise* get up to 90% of your investment back if no conception occurs within the first 6-8 months.

How Our Program Works

Our programs are based on a body-mind approach, teamwork and synergy resulting in success. We never claim to heal or fix people, the birth of your child is contingent on your participation in our educational and guided approach to healing. The strength of your relationship to yourself and your relationship together is the key for your success. We will support your body with the needed remedies, nutrients, balance and harmony for physiological success. We will support your healing mentally and emotionally to bring your psyche into harmony with your body. The combination of the two is the fertile ground (pun intended), for conception. Your personally assigned Doula is your guide as you enter the unchartered territory of gestation and childbearing giving you detailed information and emotional support you have been longing for.

Couples get a free 1 hour consultation to learn about our programs and test the fit that must be mutual to enter our program. Not all couples will qualify, the mitigating factors include each partners willingness to change and grow within themselves and with each other.

Your Program For Success includes unlimited regular appointments with your Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in fertility to support your bio-chemistry for conception. Additionally, your Doctor of Oriental Medicine specializes in fertility to balance your nervous system and body meridians for conception and throughout your pregnancy through birth, Finally, Chiropractic care and therapeutic bodywork are also  included in our packages.

Each couple chooses a Doula for support throughout the pregnancy and several forms of therapeutic bodywork and natural therapies based on your needs to ensure positive outcomes.

There is a one-time fee inclusive for all your treatments from our entire staff, for both partners, including natural medicines, herbs, remedies and non-medical tests.

If the woman does not conceive a child after 6-8 months of entering our program you have the option of ending our contract and getting 90% of your investment back.

The couple receives full support until two weeks after your newborn arrives. Upon the birth of your new family member the couple receives an “Owner’s Manual” with their personality type and parenting strategies to maximize the potential of for their child.

Your contract ends 2 weeks after birth.