Personality Assessment Through The Eyes




Behavioral Iridology –  Personality Assessment Through the  Eyes

Psychologists counselors, social worker, family therapist and those in the field of human development have long sought to understand what makes people do what they do and behave in ways that increase their businesses. Personality evaluation test and systems do not take into account how all people change due to circumstances beyond their control.

Finally, a way to literally see into another, define their personality type, learning modalities, means of communication, processing style and even relationship attraction. In Jim’s first book he outlines the meaning of personality interpretation from the iris of the eye. Topics covered include personality type identification, brain dominance, iris positions and relationship attraction.

This book is for anyone wanting to understand themselves or another using the patterns found within our eyes. If you are a professional and would benefit from knowing and predicting your clients communication styles along with tools to quickly gain rapport this book is for you. 150 full color iris images and 104 pages of fascinating reading this book is a must if you counsel or work with others.