An Overview of Behavioral Iridology

Behavioral Iridology is a comprehensive system of self-empowerment, educating, and inspiring confidence to transform your health and relationship challenges with clarity and awareness.

Assessing the human condition takes a giant leap forward when understanding the patterns and dynamics from our iris patterns, immediate and ancestral families. Energy follows thought so the body is the barometer showing us the state of our inner psychological state. Understanding yourself is one thing; improving your mental-emotional self requires specialized techniques to help you transform yourself and the part of you which is seeking healing.

What makes us unique:

  • Immediate ability to see you at a deeply personal level from your iris patterns.
  • Identify and explain the effects of your ancestral lineage and family upbringing on your present state of health and well-being.
  • Education and guidance for physical healing and self-empowerment at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
  • Learn to access the wisdom of your body.
  • Deeper healing occurs when multiple levels of any condition are addressed.
  • See for yourself – they are your eyes!

How it works:

Major events happen in our lives for a reason. It’s the sudden accidents as well as long-term conditions that are calling us forward. Pain is our teacher; are we willing to be the student? The old saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” does not apply here. Major setbacks and accidents in our lives go unplanned. As we seek help and healing we are sure to learn many things on that journey. Behavioral Iridology addresses the physical as well as the many non-tangible components contributing to our “accident.” When we heal not just physically but emotionally and mentally, our entire life improves. Our relationships improve as does our abundance and well-being.

Behavioral Iridology is efficient and detailed in its approach to healing the body. The more facets you shine on a diamond the brighter it will sparkle. Our comprehensive approach means we align with the many alternative amazing modalities, never professing we can do it all – it takes a village to heal. By integrating with any medicines you may be taking, whether natural or allopathic, and the beneficial activities you are already doing, your condition will transform at a deeper and more accelerated rate when you add in Behavioral Iridology.

If your journey to waking up is in the beginning stage or you are a veteran of self-help books, metaphysics, and/or personal transformation, Behavioral Iridology will meet you in the present moment – while offering information and guidance to what is on your plate today and where you need help and support, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or relationships. Using our system, you will see in a single full iris/family tree consultation the big picture and your role in the play of your life. To gather this information, we look in a variety of areas, including:

  • Your iris pattern
  • Your social dynamics based on body type and childhood upbringing
  • Relationship history
  • Ancestral Influences

Your body is the most accurate spokesperson of our inner self, directing us to areas in our lives screaming for support. Knowing what and how to listen and follow its wisdom will expedite your journey to health and wholeness.  All disharmony, physical to emotional, in our bodies have physiology and physiological factors and influences. Knowing where and what to look for is what makes Behavioral Iridology so effective and powerful.

Benefits of Behavioral Iridology:

  • Personal acceptance and validation for who you are
  • Increased awareness, leading to better relationships
  • Opposites attract in intimacy, unwinding the mystery of relationship challenges
  • Choose a career that supports you; enjoy your work, not just the paycheck

Who Can Benefit from Behavioral Iridology:

From birth, to this life and beyond Behavioral Iridology has knowledge and support for you. These areas include:

Individuals – take charge of your life, make good decisions about career, health, and relationships.

Couples – what brought you together can tear you apart. Learn how your relationship is fertile ground for personal and relational transformation.

Families – children are all different. Identify their personal needs, and parenting styles for each child in your family, this knowledge is especially effective in families who are divorced with step-children.

Business – from leadership skills to team building cooperation and synergy, our eyes define who are and how we choose to relate. Instead of being irritated by what’s in front of you, learn how to work with it!

Professionals – anyone in the fields of health, healing, counseling or consulting will greatly enhance your skills by incorporating the teachings of this work.