Iris Cameras

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Jon Miles and Miles research have been the pioneers when it comes to digital iris photography. Jon makes a complete line of illuminating systems with side lighting to photograph the IBP or several types of direct lighting. Also available are all the accessories from chinrests to custom set-ups. I have been using Jon’s cameras since 2001 they are simple easy to use and come with a well written user’s manual.  Feel free to visit his website: I have been selling Jon’s cameras since 2002 and am good at putting systems together especially if you have a digital camera body with interchangeable lens. All camera purchases come with all the accessories, included with your purchase and great advice and lessons to get great iris images straight away.

Costs vary from just over $1000.00 – $3500.00:  includes shipping to the lower 48 states, international shipping slightly higher. Call us or send an email to discuss your needs and how to own a professional iris camera.