Living in the Age of Aquarius


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After 19 years of evaluating countless eyes, several themes became a reoccurring story consultation after consultation. I decided to record my findings in a hour-long cd. Upon entering the process,  information came rushing in. Four categories, not in order, emerged over the next few days and numerous ah-ha moments awakened me, three and half hours later over the course of 3 months Living in The Age of Aquarius was born. Interestingly the last section on the power of love would not come, after frustrating hours of mumbling it wasn’t until Valentine’s Day, 2010, the recording was complete.

These tracks were recorded during the Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010, coinciding with the Winter Solstice, and the partial Solar Eclipse, January 4, 2011. The final track emerged on Valentin’s Day.  Eclipses’ engulf us in the mystery of the feminine. They are powerful opportunity for great inspiration, change, and healing. This aspect of the feminine will embrace our deepest pain when we allow her into our suffering.

The hidden power of our inner truth exists deep within our bodies and being. Loving all aspects of yourself will reveal you to you. Drop deep into your feelings, discover the needs of your heart, find the words to express that truth, others will come closer. This state of self-love and the willingness to claim it is the foundation of your empowerment the leader you were born to be. These magnetic energies will attract like-minded/hearted people and groups to join you. Celebrate the synergy life offers. The world is your co-creation. I am eternally grateful to the energies that called me forward to record these tracks during these most sacred times.

Listen to these tracks in order for the greatest benefit.


This 4 Audio  CD set:


      Learning to Feel

      Learning to Express

      Learning to Receive/Love Nourishment

      Leadership in The Age of Aquarius

     The Age of Aquarius


Living in The Age of Aquarius offers us guidelines and practical tools to adapt and flow with these new incoming energies. This is a must–listen-to informational dialog for all people on the path of self-discovery and personal empowerment.  You will be inspired to take charge of your life with information and tools that work.  Step into the power of your own leadership as the Age of Aquarius opens the doorway to better health, prosperity, and higher states of consciousness.


Cost: $29