Basic – Iris Personality Assessment Through The Eyes


Basic – Iris Personality Assessment Through The Eyes, Video Series Lessons 1-10

Introduction – Jim Verghis the founder of Behavioral Iridology shares how the need to heal his own body after and near death, “accident” or as he puts it “on purpose” got him into natural health and healing. A big part of is healing came when he began learning about how the patterns in the eyes allows you to see the blueprint of your life, physically, psychologically and socially. This lesson series set the foundation for how to interpretate iris structures to personality types and relationship attraction for your health and healing.



Video Series Lessons 1-10

Lesson 1 – Two Primary Personality Types: Learn to identify the structural components in the eyes that determine the two primary personality types. These two types form the foundation of our personality typing system and are basis for this work.

Lesson 2 – Four Social Types: A closer look at these two primary types reveals the addition of two modifiers. All human beings have neurogenic fibers in their eyes our first modifier. Not everyone has both Psora and Lacunae in their eyes  but when they appear together act as our second modifier. And together with our two primary types form the Four Social Types that all personality types fit into.

Lesson 3 – Intimate Relationships: Everyone knows opposites attract between the sheets. Our two primary personality types are completely opposite of each other. 85% of marriages have opposite iris patterns. Understanding these polarities allows us to work with them, know the dynamics of your relationship types just by knowing your own eyes. The eye patterns allow us to see ourselves more objectively.

Lessons 4 – 5 – 6 Iris Positions: Iris positions indicate specific life lessons based on specific location of Psora and Lacunae. It is impossible to make a lesson go away but it is possible to complete layers and levels of each lesson. The lessons are revealed by the experiences we have in our lives.

Lesson 7 – Iris Rings: Iris rings like iris positions are personality modifiers. Easy to see and identify they influence behavioral patterns that serve us, and ones that don’t.

Lesson 8 – Introversion/Extroversion: Easy to see and use is the expression ring w influences how we process life’s challenges and express ourselves in the world. Variations in the ring contribute to how spontaneously or methodically we flow through life and everything in between.

Lesson 9Brain Dominance:  Hemispheric dominance plays one of the greatest roles in personality modification also known as our coping strategies. Switching hemispheres is involuntary and can have dramatic effects on your health and relationships. The hemisphere you are being pulled to is the side of the family calling your attention, we will explore the multitude of meetings from these dynamic energies including how hemispheric dominance affects our health.

Lesson 10 Putting It All Together – Case Studies – time to practice what we have learned.