Advanced – Iris Personality Assessment Through The Eyes


Advanced – Iris Personality Assessment Through The Eyes, Video Series Lessons 1-8

Introduction – Now that you have the basics from the first ten, lessons lets keep putting the pieces more precisely together which allows us to more deeply and accurately understand the complexities of human nature. The human psyche is spherical not linear as our logical minds would prefer to think.



Video Series Lessons 1-8

Lesson 1Two Personality Types – here we will cover at a deeper level how body type affects our two primary personality types of masculine and feminine.

Lesson 2 –  Neurogenic Fibers – the most common structural component in the eyes of humanity are neurogenic fibers. In this lesson we will discuss the different fiber weaves and their effects on personality and relationships.

Lesson 3 – Iris Color – blue, green – light brown or dark brown eyes influence personality based on geographic location, cultural norms and climatic conditions, see how they affect personality.

Lesson 4 – Iris Positions – Sections  -the eye can be divided in half and in quarters. These iris sections have themes sometimes quite relevant to our lives.

Lesson 5 – Advanced Iris Positions I –this lesson covers the 90° and 180° rules, as well as the Four Positions Of The Heart and the Three Areas Of Creativity. Combining iris positions provides a greater and deeper understanding of life’s gifts and lessons.

Lesson 6 – Advanced Iris Positions II –this section addresses some of the most important iris positions including anger, gestation, perfection, self-esteem, and voice. Explore with Jim these meanings and their profound influences on the human psyche.

Lesson 7 – Brain Dominance –this lesson discusses more short-term brain cycles and practical ways we can see brain dominance through body postures, sleeping positions and where we place our partner. This lesson will help you track your own right brain left brain movements on more short-term basis.

Lesson 8 – Case Studies –  Putting it all together –  four client case studies.