Private 30 min. Iris Consultation




Jim will photograph your eyes will interpret your primary iris type, major gifts and lessons. There is so much information in the patterns in your eyes the story of your life cannot be told in any one session. What drives a consultation is your hunger and desire to know, understand and change. If you are needing answers to a potent challenges up in your life, your eyes have the answers. Jim will help you understand the main factors contributing to your biggest challenges, suggesting therapies for healing. “See” for yourself what your eyes want you to know, you will be surprised at the accuracy and depth of the answers. Includes your digital iris images and recording of your session.

Included in your consultation three days after your session is a 15 min. phone call to answer any questions you may have or plan your next step in healing. You are encouraged to listen to your consultation prior to our phone call.

Includes digital iris images. Your session recording and iris images will be emailed.