About Us

Behavioral Iridology is the most comprehensive, instantaneous personality assessment system today. Imagine looking into someone’s eyes with a magnifying lens for less than thirty seconds and being able to discern these character traits: communication style, relationship attraction, creative attributes, areas of expertise, career potential, quality of relationship between themselves and their parents, introversion and extroversion, and their tendencies toward right and left brain processing patterns.

If this sounds overwhelming, it can be. When we say ‘Behavioral Iridology’ is the most comprehensive, instantaneous personality assessment system available, you may well understand why!

The eyes allow us to see one’s Life Purpose. In order to fulfill that purpose, we need to learn specific lessons. Life’s learning presents itself in stages or phases. For example, math in the second grade is far different than math at the college level. Understanding our Life Purpose and taking the steps toward its fulfillment inevitably provides us greater self confidence, inner strength, clarity, passion, creativity, as well as leadership qualities.

We continually face an assortment of life lessons with different perspectives, approaches, and objectives.  Learning occupies four primary areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Physical learning incorporates exercise, rest, and cleansing and building through diet. Emotional learning means taking responsibility for what we feel or have attracted to us, while not blaming others for our own shortcomings. Mental learning includes understanding the basis of worry, noticing when and what we judge, and training our minds to have clear, focused awareness.

Behavioral Iridology provides the structure for creating ways and means to balance and support emotional and mental growth. When the physical, emotional, and mental bodies are aligned, spiritual experiences will follow. Almost instantly, the eyes reveal how to identify and support the learning we have chosen. Benefits of Behavioral iridology include:

  • Access tools to achieve personal goals
  • Create personal abundance
  • Understand your life lessons
  • Create more meaningful relationships
  • Understand your relationship dynamics
  • Understand how your family traits are affecting you
  • Experience increased health and vitality
  • Understand your unique gifts and talents


FANTASTIC, THANK-YOU SO MUCH, how powerful, in ten minutes you had my “soul crying” and then “laughing”.

“Jimmy has a unique understanding of relationships.  He makes seemingly insurmountable obstacles simple to overcome. The truth we have found has been liberating not only for me and my wife, but for our whole family.”
Bob and Julie

I got an iris interpretation from you in 2010. It was so much fun to be there with you getting it and it was profound. Now I know even more just how profound it was as I have progressed through the years since I got it. I have been listening to it over and over again in the last few days after letting it rest in the dark library closet. And it is one of the important supports to me right now.

“Jim has given us insights that our family needed to break free from years of frustration, parenting my son and my husband’s stepson.  Receiving his coaching has awakened and encouraged the flow of love among all of us.”
Robin MA, Joseph RA

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! you are bang on the money!!!!! I am exactly that with bells on – it is an honor to be read by you sir. I love that for the first time in my life I am no longer misunderstood.

I started a non-profit business in 2007 to help people in third world countries learn water purification and sanitation. I was able to get some funding but as my own savings and retirement accounts were dwindling I realized the financial end of my business was not working. I hired a business coach which helped, did  Landmark Training that got me a little more on track but the dollars were just not coming in to support my business. I began working with Jim on rewriting a letter to one of my previous contributors. His strategy  was to write the letter from the feeling level no so much business although this funding strategy was very analytical and pragmatic in its approach. After the letter was submitted I received the largest amount to date, $12, 000.

Jim began using his system to help me see how my present relationship situation and lifestyle were keeping me from receiving. After doing the homework he suggested within 3 weeks I received a grant from the Gates Foundation for $100,000.00. I directly contribute the work Jim guided me with as the impetus for this financial success.

Mark Illian
Founder, Nature Healing Nature