Iris Positions 1




Knowing the meanings of iris potions and their effects on personality is a must those those wanting a short-cut to what makes people do what they do. Iris positions are significant when it comes to understanding ourselves and each other.  This is an in-depth discussion of iris positions (Nurturing to Self Esteem) and their meanings. The areas of Nurturing, Anger, Gestation Perfection and Self Esteem are potent aspects of ourselves influenced by our parents with our parents right eye father left eye mother.  Iris positions are direct access to specific behaviors associated with your life lessons. Every lesson has a gift and when lessons go unlearned suffer physically and behaviorally.  Iris positions take the guess work out of what we behave the ways we do in certain aspects of our live. When combining their effects on each other a multitude of behavioral qualities can be address and identified. Length 55.55 min