Introduction: Behavioral Iridology identifies two primary personality types according to iris patterns. Based on our system these two personality types are opposites.  We are not here to define or evaluate the longevity or quality of your marriage, only that one day you each said, “I do.”

To Qualify For This Study You Must Be:

  • Married


  • Opposite personality types(as defined by iris structure), are  attracted in intimate relationships.


  • Opposite personality types based on iris structure are attracted to each other for marriage over 80% of the time.

Compensation: each couple participating in our study will receive copies of your digital iris images and a  digitally recorded iris evaluation focusing on your relationship and your marriage dynamic.

What in it for us:

Spreading the word of this most powerful personality evaluation system would serve many who are stuck, confused or interested in bettering  themselves and their relationships. One of our primary goals is to educate and support professionals in marriage and family counseling arena as well as any psychologist, social workers anyone assisting others to improve the relationship to themselves and others.

The truth be known, intimacy is the most potent place in life to see yourself, offering us the opportunity for personal development and empowerment. For those interested in bettering themselves why not do it with the one you love and sleep with?

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