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Introduction To Behavioral Iridology

Hello, I am Jim Verghis the founder of Behavioral Iridology. After breaking my pelvis and two joints falling from a roof in 1978, I was diagnosed with degenerative rheumatoid arthritis, the pain was 24/7. I began the journey to heal my physical pain which took about 18 months including dietary changes, fasting and cleansing. I later realized my physical pain was connected to my emotional and mental pain, so I found teachers and methodologies to address the psychology of pain. I came to realize pain is our teacher when we get the lesson the pain is no longer necessary. It is unreasonable to think we can live a life without pain. The secret is that when pain comes mental, emotional or physical our first reaction is to understand why and immediately try to get rid of it! What is we were to ask,” what has this pain come to teach me?” “what does it want me to learn, and what is the lesson?” “Why did my soul come to experience this?”

In 2001 I found it the Institute of Behavioral Iridology and education and healing system to share the teachings and methodologies I learned from five amazing teachers, 34 years of experiences with my clients and thousands of hours of commitment to my own healing. For me healing was not trying to make something go away. The word “heal” means to make more whole. Behavioral Iridology became the expression of how to become more whole and healed from the inside; using natural methodologies and therapies aligned with natural laws.

Today, Behavioral Iridology is a system of personality and behavioral assessment using your family history, health history and patterns in the iris of the eye to heal physical pain and the psychology connected to it.

If you’re into natural health and medicine holistic or sustainable thinking and spirituality, you will likely resonate with what we do and how we do it.

In this introduction Jim will show you how your family patterns and ancestral lineage reveal themselves through your health history the structural patterns in your eyes, even the type of person you will be attracted to for a long term relationship.

Sound intriguing???


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